Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of paint do you use?

Kornaros Painting has established relationships with several vendors, and is comfortable using any paint the customer chooses. We have an especially strong relationship with Kelly-Moore and recommend this paint for quality and value. We have also painted with Benjamin Moore & Co., Sherwin-Williams, and Home Depot paints.

Do you give free estimates?

Yes. Kornaros Painting will meet with you and provide you with a detailed estimate for the work you’d like to have done.

Who buys the paint?

Kornaros Painting will always purchase the paint and materials, and will include this in the price of the estimate, unless a customer specifically requests to purchase their own paint.

Do you have references?

We would be happy to provide you with references.

Do you offer color and design consultation?

Kornaros Painting offers advice and years of experience working with clients and colors. Due to the enormous amount of color selections paint companies offer, this process can be overwhelming. That is why we enjoy spending time with our clients and finding out their needs and wants and what feel each client wants to bring to their home.

What if I don't like the color I choose?

We want to make sure you are confident in your color choices before we begin painting. Before we begin painting, we will help you determine the mood and function of your space before suggesting colors. We will also give you the opportunity to see the sample colors you have chosen brushed out on the walls.

Do you do wall and ceiling repair or carpentry?

Kornaros Painting can perform minor repairs in siding and interior millwork and sheetrock, and for larger jobs has relationships with carpenters who can take care of these issues.

What do your services include?

Exterior estimates include the cost of materials, pressure washing, scraping and sanding if needed, caulking, covering all needed areas to ensure your property is protected, one coat of primer on prepped wood, two coats of paint, job site cleanup and disposal of materials. Interior estimates include the cost of materials, the covering of all needed areas to protect your belongings, nail removal and minor wall repair (cracks, holes and nicks), two coats of paint, job site cleanup and disposal of materials. For the best paint job, Kornaros Painting feels that preparation is essential and takes great care to be thorough in this process.

What is your payment procedure?

Kornaros Painting requests a deposit ranging between 25% and 40% (depending on the size of the job). For jobs under $5,000.00 the remaining balance is due upon completion. For jobs over $5,000.00 the payment schedule will be broken into three payments. After the initial deposit, another 25%-30% will be due upon completion of the prep work. Upon completion of the job the final balance will be due at the time a walk through is performed by the owner and Kornaros Painting.

How often should I paint the outside of my house?

There are many factors that contribute to the life span of an exterior paint job, including the quality of previous paint jobs. Areas that get the most sun and moisture will deteriorate faster than dry, shady areas. Darker colors will fade faster over time as compared to lighter colors. As a rule, its best to repaint your house every 5-7 years, or before any peeling or blistering has become too severe. In some cases in the right weather conditions, an exterior paint job can last 10-15 years. My father tells me of a stucco house he painted 20 years earlier and it still looked great!

Why do estimates vary so much for the same job?

Because not all paint jobs are the same. Labor and materials are the two main factors that go into a painting estimate. Assuming the estimates are from licensed & insured painting contractors, the main difference in price is usually related to the amount of time/labor a painter will spend on the job. Low-cost painters will typically cut corners on surface preparation and other parts of the job you won’t see once the paint is applied. Thorough surface preparation is the key to a lasting job, and cutting corners can lead to premature paint failure-costing much more to repair in the long run.

Should I paint color-coat stucco?

Yes. Color-coat is simply raw, unsealed stucco with a pigment additive. Unsealed stucco absorbs moisture, which causes it to crack, stain, and deteriorate. Paint is not just color, but a protective coating designed to seal surfaces and keep moisture out. Wood, metal, plaster and stucco will all last much longer when properly painted.